Day 2 PCR Covid - 19 Test For Travel in London

My London Pharmacy provides low-cost covid-19 tests with same-day and next-day delivery options. All certifications include a QR code and are supervised by our healthcare professionals if chosen in-clinic. We have partnered with PExpo Diagnostics as an accredited UK government provider of tetsing.

Where can I find a PCR test clinic near me? Many people who want to travel to various parts of London or other countries often ask this question.

At My London Pharmacy, we offer Covid-19 Coronavirus testing. We have done more than 100,000 Covid tests in more than four locations that are usually open all days of the week. The various tests we provide include:

PCR Same Day (RT-PCR) – Provided in more than five locations in London. Ideal if you need a PCR test for travel in London. If you don’t get your findings, we will either do a retest or refund the total amount.

PCR 5 Hour (RT-PCR) – The perfect day 2 test that allows you to obtain your findings within five hours. It is done in five London locales open seven days a week.

PCR Next Day (RT-PCR) – If you need a day 2 Covid test, you should choose this option. If you do not get your findings the following day, you will receive a refund of the total cost.

Antigen Test – We provide UK Public Health-approved tests such as the FlowFlex covid-19 antigen test. A swab from your nose is used to determine if you are positive for Covid. You will receive the findings and certificate through email in half an hour. Note that you will need a PCR test to travel to several countries.

If you need a Covid test in London, you can schedule it online on our site. All you need to do is choose either Fit to Fly or Covid-19 Coronavirus test and pick the test you want in the drop-down menu that appears.

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