General Health

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You can purchase your Blue inhaler in a variety of strengths as either a brand Ventolin or salbutamol.



Acid Reflux

You stomach produce acid in response to food, which can sometimes be excessive; you can purchase prescription antiacid for effective acid reflux treatment.



Migraine can be a very limiting health issue that affects your daily life; here, we can provide a safe and effective migraine treatment ranging from oral tablets to nasal sprays for better migraine control.


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Thrush can affect both men and women, and it is easily transmitted. We examine your symptoms and recommend a variety of effective treatments, ranging from cream to oral tablets, or, if necessary, a combination of therapies for a quick resolution.


We provide ear pain treatments such as antiboitics spray as well as a variety of effective ear wax removal options.

Sleep Aid

Sleep can be a major issue when you are travelling or having a stressful day. We can provide you with a variety of treatments for sleeping problems.


Don’t worry, we offer both a short-term fix and a long-term solution to keep your movements moving!

Tretaments for various types of piles are available. There are both steroidal and non-steroidal treatments available.

Cough & Cold

For all of your cold season symptoms, a pharmacist-selected range of immunity supplements, as well as effective cough and cold secltions, is available.


Do you need a more effective treatment than ginger tea? We have you covered with a selection of powerful and effective treatments hand-picked by our pharmacists.


There are numerous probiotoic brands on the market; we have chosen the best and most researched ones at an affordable price to keep your gut healthy.

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