HIV Home Test Kit

Today, finding out your HIV status isn’t a daunting task. With our HIV home test kits, you can easily test yourself and get your results within a few hours. When you make an order, our team will quickly package the HIV home test kit and have it delivered to your letterbox discretely in 48 hours at most.

The kit comes with step-by-step instructions so collecting your samples shouldn’t be an issue. Next, send the samples to a My London Pharmacy lab through the prepaid box. Our professional team will do the test as soon as they receive your sample and your results will be posted online.

What is the Test for ?

HIV & Syphilis

What samples are required ?

Blood sample using a fingerprick 

Get your results fast.
24-hour delivery is available at checkout.

£45.00 + Free Delivery

How it works?

1- Delivered discretely
Our dispatch team will put together a kit just for you. It will be delivered through your letterbox in discrete packaging within 24–48 hours.
2- Collect your samples
Collect your samples using the simple step-by-step instructions, and then return them to our lab using the pre-paid box.
3- Get quick, accurate result.
Your confidential results will be available online immediately after our dedicated lab has completed its work.
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