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Our team

Behind every prescription and treatment at My London Pharmacy, there is always a GMC-registered physician. This is due to the fact that our patients are the focus of everything we do, and it is our duty to ensure that you always receive safe and effective care.

Our pharmacy is governed by the General Pharmaceutical Council. This ensures the authenticity and safety of your medications (GPhC).

Our staff demonstrates that we take your healthcare very seriously.

specialist consultant

Medical Director – Dr Colin Galloway

GMC no. 4102786

Accreditations: MB BS 1994 University of London

Specialist area: General Medicine, Cardiology, Increasing access to healthcare and decreasing health and well-being disparities.

Bio: Dr. Colin has extensive experience with the NHS and innovative specialist medicine in both the United Kingdom and Switzerland. He is in charge of digital service development and health management solutions at My London Pharmacy.

Advisery Medical Director - Dr David Haze

GMC no.4562034

Accreditations: MB ChB 1992 University of Otago

Specialist area: General Medicine. NHS Consultant

Bio: Dr. David has substantial knowledge of modern healthcare in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Currently, he serves as a member of My London Pharmacy’s advisory board while also working for NHS Scotland.

Pharmacist at my london pharmacy

Superintendent Pharmacist – Tania Al-Hassani

GPhC no. 2064706


Accreditations: MPharm 2005 University of Portsmouth

Area interested: Minor illnesses, supplementary pharmacy, women’s and men’s health

Bio: Tania is a networking Pharmacist with extensive knowledge of the private primary care industry who aims to provide patients with an all-inclusive, cost-effective, and seamless solution. She has over 15 years of public relations experience.

Pharmacist - Yousef Yaghoubi

GPhC no. 2218268


Accreditations: MPharm 2016 University College London

Bio: Yousef studied Pharmacy at the University of London and finished his pre-registration year at a primary care pharmacy in west London. Since the year 2020, he has overseen a number of thriving online healthcare and diagnostic platforms, including his central role in the launch of My London Pharmacy.

Better, safer, and together

In addition to reviewing each and every treatment we prescribe, our doctors perform a vast array of additional services for our patients.

Are you aware?

  • If you have questions about your health or treatment, you can send a free message to your doctor through your patient account.
  • We include follow-up care with every prescription, so if you ever need help, a physician will be available.
  • So that you always have access to the appropriate medication, our doctors are constantly on the lookout for new drugs and treatments.

So, If you have a health concern or wish to speak with one of our team about a medication, it could not be simpler.

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