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Dianette is a contraceptive pill that prevents pregnancy, although its major usage is to treat skin disorders in women of reproductive age such as acne, excessively oily skin, and excessive hair growth.

  • 3 months supply per pack

Dianette, as a hormonal contraceptive, should not be combined with other hormonal contraceptives.




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Some Dianette-related questions and answers

Dianette blister pill packs can be purchased online after completing a confidential online consultation at My London Pharmacy. Once your consultation is over, it will be reviewed by one of our doctors, who will decide whether or not to prescribe this treatment. After that, you can place your order, and our pharmacy will ship your Dianette tablets to you the next day, anywhere in the UK.

When taking prescription medications like Dianette, there is always the danger of adverse effects. However, this medication is generally well tolerated; side effects are uncommon and minor when they do occur. Changes in monthly bleeding, headaches, nausea, and an upset stomach are the most prevalent symptoms.

Nausea, breast tenderness, weight fluctuation, decreased libido, gallstones, and elevated blood pressure are some of the less prevalent side effects.

Dianette also raises the chance of a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot), so be careful of the signs and symptoms, which include shortness of breath, slurred speech, chest or leg pain, blurred vision, and dizziness.

If your little blue pill isn’t working as quickly as you’d like, our medical experts suggests taking your medication on an empty stomach. While this medication can be taken with or without food, it will act more slowly if you consume a high-fat meal before taking it.

Women over the age of 18 who are suffering from severe acne or hirsutism can use this medication. If you’re taking other oral contraceptives, you shouldn’t take Dianette.

It’s also worth noting that Dianette isn’t a first-line acne therapy and should only be taken after milder options (such lotions and antibiotics) have failed.

Dianette is also unsuitable for a lot of women due to a number of factors. Those who have a history of blood clots or illnesses of the blood, in particular.

are you pregnant or nursing?
are allergic to any of Dianette’s key ingredients have heart or liver problems
have suffered a stroke, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, are over the age of 35, suffer from unexplained vaginal bleeding, or suffer from severe migraines
smoking and/or being overweight
If you have any other medical conditions or are taking any vitamins or medications, please let us know during your consultation.

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