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Gel formulations of Differin (Adapalene) are used to treat moderate to severe acne.


What is Differin?
A gel known as Differin is used to treat moderate to severe acne. It contains adapalene as its active ingredient.

Adapalene belongs to the class of medications known as retinoids, which also includes tretinoin, and helps to reduce inflammation and the formation of black and white heads on the skin’s surface. Adapalene is a third-generation retinoid that exhibits many of the same effects as previous-generation medications such as tretinoin, but is generally better tolerated.
First-time users of this medication may experience a stinging sensation, dryness, scaling, and burning sensitivity. This is most problematic during the first week of use, after which it tends to settle.


How do I administer Differin?
Once a day, before bed, apply a thin layer of gel evenly over the acne-affected areas. Avoid contact with the eyes, lips, nostrils, and other sensitive areas. Apply the gel to clean, dry skin, and be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before and after use.

Do not apply to broken skin.

How can I acquire Differin?
Differin is a prescription-only drug that cannot be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Why not fill out our consultation questionnaire if you’re interested in this medication? This will be reviewed by one of our expert prescribers, who will determine whether or not this medication is appropriate and safe for you.

How quickly can one observe results?
As with all acne treatments that are applied to the skin, you may not see results for up to eight weeks. In order for this gel to function properly, it is essential that it be applied consistently.

Is there anyone who is unable to use Differin?
Individuals with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients should not take Differin. Avoid use during pregnancy. Avoid exposure to sunlight and UV lamps while taking this medication. While using this medication, do not use other acne products containing retinoids or benzoyl peroxide or products that are irritating, drying, or exfoliating to the skin.


Read the full patient information leaflet of the product before purchasing here.

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