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Evorel Sequi patches are a form of combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT) used to treat menopausal symptoms. Most HRT treatments involve daily tablets, but Evorel Sequi is a patch that is applied to the skin twice per week and changed. It contained two types of patches that, over the course of four weeks, release two active ingredients that mimic oestrogen and progesterone. The alternative is convenient for patients who prefer not to swallow tablets daily.

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What is Evorel Sequi, and what does it do?
Evorel Sequi is a form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that is used to treat menopausal symptoms. Because it contains two different types of patches, Evorel Sequi is known as a sequential hormone replacement therapy. Each box of Evorel 50 patches contains four patches containing the oestrogen estradiol. In addition to estradiol, the box contains four Evorel Conti patches that contain the synthetic progesterone norethisterone.

When these patches are changed twice a week, a controlled amount of hormones are absorbed into the blood, simulating the menstrual cycle in order to alleviate uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. This guide provides additional information on how to use Evorel Sequi.

Theramex UK manufactures Evorel Sequi patches, which can be prescribed to menopausal women and those who have gone through the menopause but still have an intact uterus.

Menopause symptoms
Their ovaries gradually produce less oestrogen as they age. This hormonal imbalance can result in a variety of unpleasant physical and mental symptoms, including:

Warm flashes
Mood swings
Excessive perspiration
Dry mouth, vagina or eyes
Evorel Sequi patches function by restoring the hormonal balance in the body, thereby reducing or preventing the onset of menopausal symptoms.

How does Evorel Sequi work?
Hormone Replacement Therapy alleviates menopause symptoms by supplementing the levels of hormones that the body naturally produces. Some medications contain only oestrogen. In women who still have a uterus, an uncontrolled rise in oestrogen levels will cause the endometrium to grow excessively. This will significantly increase your risk for complications like endometrial cancer. In the second half of a treatment cycle, Evorel Sequi releases norethisterone, a synthetic version of progesterone.

As your body adjusts to the menopause, HRT should only be required for a relatively brief period of time. You should have annual HRT reviews with your doctor and regular gynaecological examinations.

Advantages of HRT patches
What distinguishes HRT patches from tablets and gels? The benefits of using the patch are comparable to those of taking HRT in tablet form, so it depends on your personal preference. The patch contains hormones that are absorbed through the skin, allowing hormone replacement without the use of oral tablets; the same is true for the gel. Some physicians believe that hormones should be absorbed through the skin instead of the liver.

HRT patches and obesity
Research indicates that HRT does not cause weight gain in women, contrary to popular belief. After menopause, women are more likely to gain weight in their midsection than in their hips and thighs; HRT may assist women in losing this excess fat.

Alternatives to medication for menopausal symptoms include: For Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Utilizing a fan
Cool Rainfall
Lightweight clothing
Vaginal Dryness

Lubricants Other Substitutes

A healthy diet and exercise routine
Stopping Smoking
You can learn more about symptom management on the NICE Menopause page.

Sources Evorel Sequi, Patient Information Leaflet:


Methods for using Evorel Sequi
Evorel Sequi contains four Evorel 50 patches and 4 Evorel Conti patches. Evorel 50 should be applied twice per week for the first two weeks of every four-week period, followed by Evorel Conti twice per week. As soon as the fourth Evorel 50 patch is removed, replace it with the initial Evorel Conti patch. There should be no break between packs.

Change your patch every week on the same two days. This will result in one patch being applied for three days and the next for four.
Apply the patch to a dry, clean area of the skin. Press firmly to ensure that the patch is properly positioned.
Do not apply the new patch to the same area of skin.
Evorel should not be applied to or near the breasts, broken skin, or elasticized clothing.
Read the Patient Information Leaflet for complete instructions on how to use Evorel Sequi patches.

Evorel Sequi ingredients
The following are the active ingredients found in Evorel Sequi:

Evorel 50 Patches contain 3.2 mg estradiol hemihydrate

Evorel Conti Patches contain 3,2 mg of estradiol hemihydrate and 11.2 mg of norethisterone acetate.

Evorel Sequi also contains the inactive ingredients listed below: Duro-Tak 387-2287, guar gum, Hostaphan MN19

Evorel Sequi side effects
If you do experience side effects while taking Evorel Sequi, they may include the following:

Itchy or inflamed skin at the patch application site.
Mood swings
Having trouble sleeping
stomach ache
Muscle pain
Breast ache
Joint pain
Weight gain
Bleeding through the skin
Painful periods
Fluid retention
If you are concerned about these side effects, or if the product has any other effect on you, discontinue use and consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Evorel Sequi warnings
Reading the following cautions carefully will assist you in selecting a suitable product.

Whether you choose pills or patches, there are risks associated with HRT use that should be considered when deciding whether to begin using it. You will be asked about your personal and family medical history in your online consultation. After beginning treatment, you should have regular checkups and breast screenings with your doctor.

Evorel Sequi is unsuitable for you if you:

Have had breast cancer before?
Cancer that is sensitive to oestrogen exposure (including uterine cancer)
Have endometrial hyperplasia that is untreated (an excessively thick womb lining)
Have a blood clotting disorder or have had a blood clot in the past.
Have had a recent heart attack or stroke
Have a previous record of liver disease
Experience porphyria (a rare hereditary blood disease)
Are allergic to any of the patch’s ingredients Consult your doctor if you intend to use Evorel Sequi and have ever experienced any of the following health problems:

Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Abnormal liver function
Uterine issues, such as endometriosis and endometrial hyperplasia
circulatory issues (e.g. angina, heart attack)
Increased risk of blood clots
Erythematous lupus systemicus
Fluid retention
elevated blood pressure
High levels of fat in the blood
Otosclerosis (a hereditary ear disorder)
Thyroid problems
A history of breast or another oestrogen-sensitive cancer in the family
A record of extreme allergic reactions
Evorel Sequi and additional medications
Inform your physician or pharmacist if you have taken or intend to take any of the following:

Epilepsy medicines (e.g. lamotrigine, carbamazepine)
Tuberculosis medicines (e.g. rifampicin)
HIV medicines (e.g. nevirapine, ritonavir, nelfinavir)
Bosentan (to reduce blood pressure in the lungs)
John’s Wort.
Evorel Sequi and cancer
HRT may increase the likelihood of developing breast and endometrial cancer. Depending on the duration of your HRT treatment and whether you are taking combined or oestrogen-only HRT, the severity of this risk will vary. Regularly inspect your breasts for skin or nipple changes, as well as any noticeable lumps. There may be a slight increase in the risk of ovarian cancer for women who use HRT for more than five years.

Evorel Sequi and blood clots
Taking any form of HRT, including Evorel Sequi, can increase your risk of blood clots by threefold and your risk of stroke by one-and-a-halffold. If you develop symptoms of a blood clot at any time, call NHS 111. If you are experiencing a stroke, dial 999.

Evorel Sequi’s pregnancy and nursing
Indivina is intended for postmenopausal women only and is not a contraceptive. Before taking Indivina, women who have had a period in the past year or who are younger than 50 should discuss contraception options with their doctor.

If you become pregnant while taking Indivina, discontinue use immediately and contact your physician. In addition, you should not take Indivina if you are breastfeeding.

Please read all packaging and the Patient Information Leaflet prior to taking any new medication, and inform your physician of all medications you are currently taking or plan to take.

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