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There are two different ingredients in Fucibet cream. Betamethasone, a type of corticosteroid, and fusidic acid, an antibiotic. The antibiotic helps to treat the skin infection, while the corticosteroid helps to reduce swelling, redness, and itching.


What is Fucibet Cream, exactly?
Fucibet is an antibiotic cream that is commonly used to treat inflamed bacterial skin infections.

It contains 2% Fucidic acid to treat skin infections, as well as betamethasone valerate, a steroid that reduces skin inflammation.

How does it function?
Betamethasone is a corticosteroid that works on skin cells to reduce inflammation, itching, and redness, which are common symptoms of eczema and dermatitis.

Fucidic acid is an antibiotic that works by preventing bacteria from multiplying and spreading on the skin. After that, the body’s natural immune system fights the infection.

Fucibet is therefore an excellent choice for skin infections that are also accompanied by skin inflammation, eczema, or dermatitis.

Fucibet Cream: How to Use It
Fucibet cream should be applied sparingly to the affected area of the skin one or two times per day.

Fucibet cream should not be applied to the eyes, mouth, or nose. If the cream gets into those areas by accident, immediately rinse it with cold water.

Fucibet should only be used for short periods of time rather than continuously. This is because, over time, bacterial strains can become resistant to antibiotics, and corticosteroids can thin the skin’s layers, making it more susceptible to cracking and bleeding.

If the infection does not clear up after seven days, you should see your doctor, who may need to prescribe an oral antibiotic to clear it up.

Precautions and side effects
Fucibet, like all medications, can cause side effects, but not everyone will experience them.

This medicine has the following common side effects:

On application, skin irritation such as rash, redness, burning, or itching may occur. It can also cause skin inflammation due to allergies. If you have a reaction to the medicine or if your skin condition worsens, stop taking it and see your doctor.
Skin pigmentation is lessened.
The skin is thinning.
Marks of stretching
Overgrowth of hair
Under the skin, prominent blood vessels
The hair follicles become inflamed.
Long-term use of the medicine may cause corticosteroids to be absorbed, causing side effects in other parts of the body.

If you have blurred vision or other visual disturbances, see your doctor.
To keep Fucibet effective and reduce side effects, don’t leave it on your face for too long.
Do not use Fucibet on open wounds or sensitive areas like the nostrils, ears, lips, or genitals unless your doctor says so.
Fucibet should not be used on thin skin, skin ulcers, broken veins, or acne unless your doctor advises otherwise.
Corticosteroid use for a long time can cause adrenal suppression. Tiredness, depression, and anxiety are all symptoms.
Fucibet should only be used if the doctor believes it is absolutely necessary. It should also not be used during breastfeeding unless the doctor deems it necessary.

When you use a moisturiser before taking Fucibet, the corticosteroid’s effects are diluted, making it less effective. As a result, it’s best to wait at least 30 minutes between applying a moisturiser and applying Fucibet.

Where can I purchase Fucibet cream?
After completing a brief online health assessment, you can purchase Fucibet from Access Doctor. It will be checked by our prescribers to ensure that Fucibet is the right medication for your medical condition.

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