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  • Antibacterial for bacterial infections
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Only for short-term

Medication features:
Fucidin is a topical cream used to treat various superficial skin conditions. It is appropriate for adults and children. It is an antibiotic cream that treats an infection similarly to an antibiotic pill. It is most effective when used twice or three times per day for approximately one week.

Prescribed by My London Pharmacy For:

Infected dermatitis lesions
Infected psoriasis patches
Infections of hair follicles
fungus infections
Infected injuries


Buy Fucidin Cream Online
Fucidin Cream is available for purchase through our UK-registered online prescription service. Simply fill out a medical questionnaire online as part of your order. This helps our prescribers ensure that the medication is safe and appropriate for you.

If approved by our medical team, a prescription will be sent to our pharmacy team. This item will be packaged and sent to your delivery address.

What Exactly Is Fucidin?
Fucidin cream is used to treat skin infections such as impetigo. Fusidic acid is marketed under this name. It is also available under the brand name Fucithalmic. Fucidin, a topical treatment, is applied to the affected area to alleviate skin condition symptoms and prevent further deterioration. Fucidin Cream is offered in both 15 g and 30 g tubes.

In addition to a cream, the treatment is also available as ointment and drops. In hospitals, it is occasionally administered as tablets or via injection.

Fucidin H Cream is another topical treatment available. This product contains the same active ingredient and treats the same skin conditions as Fucidin. The most important distinction is that Fucidin H Cream contains hydrocortisone. Fucidin H Cream, like Fucidin, requires a prescription in the United Kingdom. Bactroban is another treatment option.

What is the mechanism of action of Fucidin Cream?
Fucidin cream’s active ingredient is fusidic acid. Antibiotic that inhibits the growth and multiplication of skin-infecting bacteria. Fusidic acid achieves this by inhibiting the production of essential proteins for bacterial growth. This prevents the spread of the infection and, with the assistance of the immune system, eventually kills the bacteria.

What Is the Function of Fucidin Cream?
Fucidin Cream is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections, including impetigo and eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, which affects one in five children and one in ten adults in the United Kingdom. It causes dry, red, and itchy skin patches. If left untreated, eczema can become a recurrent and increasingly severe problem.

In addition to eczema and impetigo, Fucidin Cream can also be used to treat the following skin conditions:

Infected dermatitis lesions
Infected psoriasis patches
Infections of hair follicles
fungus infections
Infected injuries
Please see our article titled “Eczema And Psoriasis: What’s The Difference?” for more information on common skin conditions.

You should not attempt to treat with Fucidin Cream:

Runner’s foot Thrush
Fucidin and Pregnancy
Fucidin can be used during pregnancy because only a small amount of its active ingredient, fusidic acid, reaches the foetus. This small amount will not be harmful. There is no evidence that fusidic acid reduces male or female fertility.

Fucidin may also be used by nursing mothers because it is unlikely that fusidic acid will enter breast milk. When applying Fucidin, care should be taken to prevent your infant from touching the areas of your body where the cream has been applied. After applying the cream, always wash your hands before picking up your child. When applying Fucidin to the nipples or breasts, wash the area thoroughly prior to breastfeeding. If you have any questions about Fucidin Cream and breastfeeding, consult your doctor.

Fucidin vs Fucibet
Similar to Fucidin, Fucibet is a cream-based topical eczema treatment. Additionally, it can treat bacterial skin infections like dermatitis and psoriasis. Fusidic acid is the active ingredient in both Fucidin and Fucibet. Betamethasone is the second active ingredient in Fucibet.

Fucibet is a medication with dual effects. It contains fusidic acid, which combats the bacterial infection, and betamethasone, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Fucibet, unlike Fucidin, can be used for up to two weeks. However, if your condition does not improve within seven days, you should discontinue treatment. Both Fucidin and Fucibet are prescription-only drugs that are not available without a prescription in the United Kingdom. Before you are issued a prescription, your suitability must be evaluated by a physician. Fucidin Cream is typically available in 15 g or 30 g tubes, whereas Fucibet comes in either 30 g or 60 g tubes.

Brulidine vs Fucidin
Brulidine Cream is used to treat mild skin infections, minor burns, and diaper rash. Dibrompropamidine is its active ingredient, as opposed to fusidic acid, which is Fucidin Cream’s active ingredient. The antimicrobial agent dibrompropamidine is used to treat skin infections. It accomplishes this by inhibiting the growth and multiplication of fungi and bacteria, thereby eliminating the infection.

Fucidin Cream requires a prescription to be purchased in the United Kingdom, whereas Brulidine Cream does not. Brulidine is available over-the-counter in the United Kingdom; a prescription is not required to purchase the medication. Unlike Fucidin, which is primarily used to treat bacterial skin infections, Brulidine has a broader range of applications. In addition to treating superficial bacterial skin infections, it can be used to treat open wounds, fungal skin infections such as scalp ringworm, and outer ear canal infections.

Fucidin Cream Reviews
On the Internet, users have commented on the efficacy of Fucidin in reducing symptoms such as itching and swelling. Several reviewers have mentioned the cooling sensation they experience after using the product. Others have mentioned how Fucidin can help clear up rashes caused by bacterial infections on the skin.

According to numerous reports, Fucidin is significantly more effective than other creams on the market. Some have even stated that their skin condition was completely cured within two weeks.

Can I buy Fucidin Cream without a prescription?
Fucidin Cream is only available with a doctor’s prescription in the United Kingdom. Fucidin is not available over-the-counter because it contains the antibiotic fusidic acid as its active ingredient. Before prescribing Fucidin, a physician must conduct a brief consultation to determine your suitability for the medication.

My London Pharmacy offers Fucidin consultations and online Fucidin sales. After completing a brief online consultation, we can determine if you qualify for the medication. The Fucidin will then be dispensed and shipped to you via next-day delivery.

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