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The effective topical treatment for crab lice and scabies is Lyclear Dermal Cream. It eliminates the eggs of crab lice and scabies, in addition to treating their infestations. It is an easy-to-use formula that provides a straightforward and effective method for eliminating the infestation and providing relief.



Certain skin conditions can be caused by infestations of certain types of lice and mites, resulting in extremely unpleasant and distressing symptoms for the patient. Crab lice and scabies are two such skin conditions that can be transmitted through close contact with someone who already has them. They will continue to worsen if left untreated, so they must be treated as soon as symptoms are detected.

Crab lice, also known as pubic lice, are very similar to head lice in size and appearance. They subsist on coarse body hair, such as:

Body hair
Leg hair
Underarm fuzz
chest, back, and abdominal hair are considered body hair.
Such facial hair as beards and moustaches.
even eyebrows and eyelashes
A few weeks may pass prior to the onset of symptoms, which may include:

Itching at the site of the infestation, typically worse at night.
irritability and inflammation resulting from scratching
As a result of lice bites, you may develop small blood or blue spots in areas such as the lower abdomen, groyne, or thighs.
A black powder discovered in your undergarments
Scabies is a skin condition caused by tiny mites that burrow into the skin and cause an itchy rash. The mites that cause scabies typically lay their eggs in the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin), and after 3 to 4 days, the eggs will hatch. The newly hatched larvae will burrow their way to the skin’s surface in order to mature. These mites favour warm areas of the body, including under the breasts, between the fingers, under the fingernails, and around the buttocks. They can also conceal themselves beneath watches, bracelets, and rings.

It can take up to eight weeks for scabies symptoms to manifest, with nighttime itching and a rash of tiny red spots being the most prominent. The rash will begin as a series of small, silver burrow lines ending in a black dot. It will then transform into a series of small, itchy spots that, if scratched, can lead to the formation of crusty sores. This rash is caused by the mites’ burrowing into the skin and the skin’s subsequent reaction to their droppings.

The itchiness is caused by an allergic reaction to the mites’ and lice’s saliva, which is worse at night due to their increased activity.

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