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Skinoren (Azelaic Acid) Cream for Acne

Do you have acne problems? Following a brief consultation with our medical team, you can get Skinoren topical acne cream from My London Pharmacy now. All acne types, including mild, hormonal, cystic, and severe, can benefit with Skinoren. With our rapid and discreet UK delivery and cheap prices, you can get acne treatment delivered right to your home.

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What exactly is Skinoren cream and how does it work?
Skinoren is an acne treatment lotion that is applied to the skin. Skinoren cream has the active component azelaic acid among its constituents. Azelaic acid works in two ways: it slows the formation of keratin cells that clog pores and sebaceous glands, generating spots, and it kills germs on your skin that cause acne. Following a free consultation, it can be purchased through My London pharmacy.

What stores sell Skinoren cream?
Following a free consultation, Skinoren cream can be purchased online from My London pharmacy, a UK-based online pharmacy service, to help cure acne. It is a prescription-only lotion that cannot be purchased over the counter. Visit our Acne website to learn more about acne and all of the treatments available.

Skinoren 20% cream is a prescription-only drug (POM) that is used to treat acne problems. Blackheads and whiteheads, which are commonly referred to as spots or pimples, are acne signs. Bayer Plc manufactures Skinoren gel, which contains the active component azelaic acid.

What is the function of Skinoren cream?
Azelaic acid has two functions in the treatment of acne. It inhibits the proliferation of keratin skin cells on the surface. Sebum, a natural greasy material produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, can mix with these surface cells. When keratin skin cells combine with sebum, they can form a clog, obstructing skin pores.

This can result in the formation of blackheads and patches. Skinoren inhibits the formation of pore-blocking plugs by slowing the proliferation of keratin skin cells.

The microorganisms that cause acne are also killed by Skinoren lotion (propionibacterium). This widespread bacteria feeds on the sebum that the skin produces. Propionibacterium produces waste products and fatty acids that irritate the sebaceous glands, producing infection and inflammation and resulting in acne symptoms.

By lowering the sebum on which propionibacterium feed, azelaic acid helps to reduce their numbers. This decrease in bacterial counts minimizes sebaceous gland irritation and inflammation, allowing the skin to heal naturally. Some people use azelaic acid to treat hyperpigmentation or dark underarm skin since it has the capacity to lighten the skin by affecting melanin formation.

Rosacea, acne scars, and dark spots can all be treated with Skinoren lotion. It decreases inflammation, soothes and moisturizes the skin, enhances microcirculation, and minimizes localized redness, among other things. It may also be used to cure hair loss (alopecia) in both men and women, according to research. Finacea, another azelaic acid medication, is available at My London pharmacy and is intended to treat mild to moderate acne and rosacea.

How long does it take for Skinoren lotion to work?
Skinoren cream can be used to treat mild to moderate acne, as well as cystic acne. The gel should be administered over a period of several months to achieve the best results, but not for more than twelve months at a time.

Patient Information Leaflet for Skinoren:
Warnings from Skinoren
Skinoren cream should not interact negatively with any of your other medications. For more information, please read the Patient Information Leaflet that came with your medicines.

Skinoren’s instructions
Skinoren cream should be applied twice daily, after washing, to the afflicted areas.
For the first week of treatment, those with sensitive skin should apply Skinoren cream once daily in the evening.
Skinoren cream should not be used constantly for more than 12 months.
When applying Skinoren cream to the face, a single dose of about 2.5cm (about 1 inch or 0.5g) should be sufficient to cover the entire area. If other places are impacted, the amount needed should be calculated based on the size of the affected area.

It is critical to use Skinoren cream consistently for several months in order to achieve the greatest results. After around 4 weeks, you should notice a difference.

Side effects of Skinoren
Skinoren lotion, like all creams, has the potential to cause adverse reactions. Before starting therapy, we recommend that you perform a spot test.

If you use Skinoren cream, you may encounter the following negative effects:

a rash skin sensitivity to light a burning, stinging, or tingling sensation dry skin itching redness
For a complete list of adverse effects, please see the Patient Information Leaflet that came with your prescription.

Ingredients in Skinoren
Azelaic acid (20% w/w) is the active component in Skinoren cream, which also contains Arlatone 983 S, Cutina CBS, Cetearyl octanoate, Propylene glycol, Glycerol, Benzoic acid, and purified water.

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