Soldevit D3 400 IU 10ml (120 drops)

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Vitamin D 400 UI. 120 Drops of 400 UI Vitamin D3 per Bottle. Supports the Immune System. Unique Precise Dose Pump.

Vitamin D 400 UI. 120 Drops of 400 IU Vitamin D3 per Bottle. Supports the Immune System. Unique Precise Dose Pump.

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D3 for a healthier lifestyle.

Vitamin D3 drops feature a unique dosing pump, making it easy to give a more precise and accurate dose, that can be applied directly onto the tongue or mixed with food. Vitamin D3 is important if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Your body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors. Vitamin D is also found in a small number of foods including; oily fish, red meat, liver, egg yolks and fortified foods such as some fat spreads and breakfast cereals.

Why do we need Vitamin D?
Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Scientific studies indicate it plays an important role in maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, and in keeping normal blood calcium levels. Vitamin D is also known for its contribution to maintaining the normal function of the body’s immune system, reducing the risk of contracting the cold and flu viruses, helping your overall health and wellbeing.
There has never been a more important time to ensure that you and your family have a healthy immune system. UK government advice from Public Health England states:
Consider taking 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day to keep your bones and muscles healthy. This is because you may not be getting enough vitamin D from sunlight if you’re indoors most of the day.
Why use Vitamin D3 drops?

  •  Unique SolDevit dosage pump makes it easy to get your precise daily dose of Vitamin D
  •  Flavour-free formula means it is easy to take with no unpleasant aftertaste
  •  1 drop or dose per day gives your required daily intake of Vitamin D3
 Vitamin D Contributes towards:
  •  Maintaining healthy bones and teeth
  •  Normal muscle function
  •  Normal immune system function
  •  SolDevit 400 Vitamin D3 drops are suitable for children.
Health claims are backed up by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). For more information about the benefits of a regular daily dose of Vitamin D, click here: Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012, 16 May 2012.

Safety Information:

Not recommended to persons hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of the product. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their physician before using this product. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. Side effects from vitamin supplements are rare; consult your physician should any occur.

Vitamin D (cholecalciferol), solvent medium chain triglycerides.
Directions for use:

1 dose of 10 micrograms daily, directly on the tongue or mixed with food.

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