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Testosterone, a sex hormone produced by the testicles and adrenal glands, is essential to sexual and reproductive development. To determine whether your testosterone levels are normal, a simple blood test can be performed.

My London Pharmacy Online Doctor offers both testosterone test kits and TRT refills. To order treatment, fill out a quick questionnaire. Approved orders are shipped for free to the address of your choice or can be picked up at any My London Pharmacy location.

This service intends to provide testosterone replacement therapy to men who have been diagnosed with and investigated for testosterone deficiency, who have been established on treatment for this condition, and who are receiving ongoing monitoring for this condition.

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What exactly is Testogel?
Testogel is a medication containing testosterone, a male hormone produced naturally by the body. Testogel is used to replace testosterone in adult men. The medication can be used to treat a variety of health issues brought on by low testosterone levels.
What is a Testogel pump used for?
A Testogel pump is the container containing the gel. There is a pumping mechanism that efficiently dispenses a specific amount of gel. Your physician or pharmacist will advise you on how many pumps of gel to apply daily.
What are Testogel sachets?
Individual Testogel packets contain the gel. When a sachet is opened, the entirety of its contents must be removed. Apply the gel to the skin immediately and allow it to dry for at least three to five minutes before dressing. Ensure that you wash your hands with soap and water after applying the gel.
How does Testogel work?
Testogel functions by restoring natural testosterone levels to normal. Once the gel is applied, it can alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone. Testogel is used by men who are unable to produce enough testosterone on their own to supplement their levels.

Testosterone is the active ingredient present in Testogel. Each 5g sachet of testosterone contains 50mg.
How does Testogel treat low testosterone and what causes low testosterone?
Testosterone is an essential male hormone. It is responsible for male characteristics such as beards, facial hair, and body hair. It is also responsible for many other functions in both men and women’s bodies, including the regulation of mood, behaviour, and even muscles and bones.

Low testosterone can result in: inadequate erections
a drop in sex drive
low sperm number
Low testosterone levels can be caused by a number of factors, including testicular infection or injury, cancer chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
Certain medications, such as analgesics and corticosteroids, can be addictive.
Chronic diseases, such as kidney and liver disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, are genetically predisposed (Kallmann syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome)
Testogel is a testosterone replacement therapy that helps restore normal testosterone levels.
Testogel dosage
When using the sachets, the recommended dose of Testogel is 5g, which should be applied once per day at roughly the same time. The gel should be applied in the morning. Your physician or pharmacist may adjust the daily dosage. However, daily dosage should never exceed 10 grammes.
How quickly does Testogel begin to work?
How long it takes Testogel to increase testosterone levels will vary from individual to individual. You will only experience a change in testosterone levels while you are using the gel; it does not permanently correct low levels. Therefore, you should only discontinue use after consulting your physician or pharmacist.
How powerful is Testogel?
It is impossible to predict Testogel’s effectiveness. This is because every man is unique. However, many men find that testosterone treatment therapy improves their energy levels, the quality of their erections, and their sex drive.

In comparison to other testosterone replacement therapies, such as skin patches and injections, you may find Testogel to be more convenient.

How to dose Testogel?
It is recommended that 1 sachet of Testogel be applied daily. Make sure to apply a thin layer of gel to dry, clean, and healthy skin.
When to use Testogel?
Testogel can be applied to the arms, shoulders, and abdomen. Testogel must not be applied to the genital region (penis and testes). This is due to the fact that the gel’s high alcohol content may cause local irritation. If you are unsure where to apply Testogel, consult your physician or pharmacist.
How frequently should I apply Testogel?
Testogel should be used once per day. Use the gel at the same time each day to avoid forgetting. It may be useful to set a reminder alarm.
How long should I take Testogel?
You should use Testogel daily for as long as your physician instructs. If you feel no benefit from the gel after a number of months, your dosage may need to be adjusted. Only your doctor or pharmacist can advise you on the proper Testogel dosage, so never take more than prescribed.
How long should I wait to shower after applying Testogel?
It is recommended to wait six hours after applying Testogel to shower, swim, or bathe. If you take a morning shower, you should apply the gel afterward. Before applying the gel, ensure that your skin has cooled down and is completely dry.

Where can I purchase Testogel on the Internet?
You can purchase Testogel online from reputable vendors such as My London Pharmacy.
Can Testogel be purchased online?
Yes. You can purchase Testogel via My London Pharmacy.

The procedure is quick and easy:
Complete a brief survey about your lifestyle and health.
Order the treatment of your choice and make payment.
Your order will be evaluated by one of our physicians.
If the treatment is appropriate for you, it can be delivered directly to your door.
If your order does not meet your needs, one of our doctors will contact you through your account to discuss alternative options.
Can I obtain Testogel without a prescription?
No, you cannot buy Testogel without a prescription in the United Kingdom.
Can I obtain Testogel through the National Health Service?
Testogel is an NHS-approved testosterone replacement therapy for specific conditions. In this category is low testosterone.
Testogel side effects
Testogel, like any other medication, can cause side effects. Not everyone will receive them, however. It is essential to be aware of side effects so that you know what to watch for.

Common Testogel adverse effects include:
irritated and dry skin Acne headaches
hair loss
dizziness caused by prostate gland alterations
enlargement or tenderness of the breasts
High blood pressure alters your blood cells and lipid levels.
Other possible side effects include:
weight gain
muscular gain
breathing difficulties during sleep cause agitation
jaundice and other changes to the liver
Read the patient leaflet that comes with your medication for a complete list of potential side effects.
What to do if Testogel side effects occur
If you experience any of the above side effects and are concerned, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. Additionally, you can report adverse effects via the Yellow Card Scheme.

If you develop a severe skin reaction, you must consult a physician. They will assess your symptoms and, if necessary, discontinue treatment or adjust your daily dosage.

You may be using too much Testogel if you exhibit the following symptoms:
Regular or protracted erections
weight gain

Is Testogel right for me?
Testogel may not be appropriate for all individuals. This is due to the fact that certain medications and conditions can interact with Testogel, potentially rendering it unsafe or ineffective. If you are unsure if Testogel is right for you, your doctor or pharmacist will be able to provide you with additional information. If Testogel is safe for you to take, our doctors will review the information you provide on our online questionnaire and grant approval.
Can women use Testogel?
No, testogel is only approved for use in men. We prescribe only to men.
Testosterone and weightlifting
Testogel is used by some bodybuilders to increase testosterone levels. This contributes to increasing muscle mass. We do not recommend or prescribe Testogel for this reason at My London Pharmacy. Instead, Testogel is only prescribed to men with low testosterone levels.
Consult your physician before using Testogel if you: have epilepsy or migraines (Testogel may make the condition worse)
have or are being treated for hypertension (testosterone may cause an increase in blood pressure)
have severe disease of the liver, heart, or kidneys (treatment with Testogel may cause severe complications like water retention in your body)
suffering from bone cancer (Testogel may increase levels of calcium in your urine or blood)
suffer from breathing difficulty (breathing problems during sleep have been reported when using Testogel)
have risk factors for blood clots, such as a history of blood clots in yourself or a close relative; smoking; obesity; any form of cancer; or immobility;
Children are not recommended to use Testogel. This is because no clinical data is available for boys under the age of 18 years. Women should not use Testogel due to the possibility of developing masculine traits.

Unless the treated area is covered, testosterone can be transferred to another person during prolonged and close skin contact. This could indicate an increase in testosterone, as evidenced by an increase in body and facial hair. Wear clothing that covers the Testogel application site when using the product. It is imperative that pregnant women avoid coming into contact with the gel; consult the leaflet for more information on how to do so.
Interactions between medications and Testogel
While using Testogel, you should inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are currently taking, have recently taken, or intend to take other medications.

Particular medications include oral anticoagulants (used to thin the blood)
If you take any of these medications, your Testogel dosage may need to be adjusted.

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