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Following a free consultation, My London Pharmacy offers trimethoprim 200 mg tablets for the treatment of simple cystitis in women. Your consultation will be reviewed by a member of our medical staff, and your treatment will be shipped the following business day.

Taking Trimethoprim for three days will cure the majority of bladder and urinary tract infections. However, if your symptoms have not improved after completing your medication, you should consult your physician.


What exactly is Trimethoprim?

Antibiotic trimethoprim is used to treat bacterial infections, bladder (cystitis), and urinary tract infections (UTIs). The World Health Organization includes it on its list of essential medicines. As a medication requiring a prescription, it is not available over-the-counter.

The antibiotic trimethoprim is effective for treating cystitis. In some regions of the United Kingdom, resistance to this antibiotic is increasing, and as a result, you may have previously been treated with nitrofurantoin. You may have discovered that nitrofurantoin is unsuitable for you and caused side effects; if so, trimethoprim is a suitable alternative for treating your UTI.

How do I get a urinary tract or bladder infection?

UTIs can be uncomfortable and painful, but they are simple to treat. Some women are more prone to them than others, and if you experience them frequently, you may want to consider modifying your lifestyle. It is essential to maintain your vaginal and sexual health, as failing to do so may have negative effects on intimacy, relationships, and fertility. On our advice page, you can read more about the prevention of cystitis.

Most cases of cystitis and urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli, which originates in the gut. Trimethoprim has no effect on E. coli. Instead, it inhibits bacterial DNA synthesis, preventing bacterial replication. This enables your immune system to destroy the infecting bacteria until they are completely eradicated and your infection is resolved.

How do I take 200 mg tablets of Trimethoprim?

The NHS recommends that, for most cases of cystitis without complications, Trimethoprim 200 mg tablets should be taken twice daily, one every 12 hours, for the duration of the prescribed course. The normal treatment for uncomplicated cystitis is three days. Alternatively, it can be prescribed as a seven-day course. If your symptoms are severe, your doctor may recommend doubling your initial dose to 400 mg, according to NHS guidelines. You should begin taking Trimethoprim at the first sign of cystitis symptoms.

There are other antibiotics that your physician may deem more suitable for you. These include amoxicillin, nitrofurantoin, and quinolones. Consult your prescriber for more information on treating UTIs with antibiotics.

Food, alcohol, and other UTI medications can interact with the drug.

Food and alcohol have no effect on trimethoprim, causing neither resistance nor adverse reactions if consumed while taking the medication. This means that no dietary changes are necessary while taking Trimethoprim.

It is safe to combine Trimethoprim with other over-the-counter cystitis medications, such as Cymalon and Cystopurin, which help to reduce the acidity of the urine. Simple painkillers, such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, can also be taken alongside Trimethoprim without issue.

Taking Trimethoprim will not interfere with the effectiveness of your contraceptive pill.

Trimethoprim dosage and susceptibility:

Your symptoms will typically improve within 24 to 48 hours after taking 200 mg of Trimethoprim. Always complete the course, even if you are feeling better. If your prescribed Trimethoprim 200 mg capsules have not alleviated your symptoms and you continue to feel the effects of your urinary tract infection after three days of treatment, you should consult a physician. This may indicate that your UTI is resistant to Trimethoprim and requires a different UTI antibiotic, such as Macrobid, which is a first-line UTI antibiotic. It may also indicate that your symptoms are caused by something other than a bacterial infection, necessitating further investigation.

Trimethoprim dose for UTI:

Take one 200 mg tablet of Trimethoprim twice daily, approximately 12 hours apart.
Unless otherwise directed by a physician, you should always complete the entire course.
You should begin taking Trimethoprim 200 mg tablets as soon as you recognise the symptoms of cystitis that your doctor has previously diagnosed.
Consult your physician if there is no improvement in your symptoms after the course is complete.

If you notice blood in your urine, have a fever, chills, back pain, or are vomiting, your infection may be more severe and you should see a doctor immediately.

If you have experienced cystitis more than three times in one year, you should consult your doctor to determine the cause of your recurrent infections.

Trimethoprim adverse reactions

There is a chance that you have an allergy to Trimethoprim. If you know you are allergic to Trimethoprim or have experienced an allergic reaction in the past, do not take Trimethoprim and consult your doctor about alternative treatments.

There is a small chance of nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and skin rash with trimethoprim (as with many medicines). Please consult the Patient Information Leaflet enclosed with your medication for a complete list of adverse effects.

If you experience any side effects while taking Trimethoprim 200 mg tablets, it is imperative that you notify us immediately. Please log in to your online account and send a message to one of our healthcare professionals, or call us at 03322 00519 if you prefer. In the event of a medical emergency, you should contact emergency services or proceed directly to the nearest accident and emergency department.

Trimethoprim precautions

Please review the Patient Information Leaflet included with your medication.

In the following cases, trimethoprim is contraindicated:

  1. You have a sensitivity to trimethoprim.
  2. You suffer from renal or liver disease (or problems with either organ)
  3. You suffer from a blood disorder such as folate deficiency*
  4. You have hyperkalaemia
  5. You have galactose intolerance, total lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption

If taking trimethoprim causes you to develop anaemia, your doctor may prescribe folic acid to treat the condition (though this is very unlikely with a short course).

Trimethoprim and additional medications

Trimethoprim 200 mg tablets should not interact negatively with any of your other medications. However, if you are currently taking any of the following medications, you should not take this medication:

  • ACE inhibiting drugs (such as ramipril)
  • Azathioprine\sCyclosporin\sDapsone\sDigoxin\sEplerenone\sHeparin
  • Mercaptopurine
  • Methotrexate
  • Phenytoin\sProcainamide
  • Pyrimethamine
  • Repaglinide
  • Rifampicin
  • Trimethoprim
  • Warfarin

During pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Trimethoprim is contraindicated during pregnancy and should be used only on the advice of a physician during breastfeeding.


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