Utovlan is a period delay drug that allows you to postpone your period till a more convenient time. You should start taking it three days before your next period, and it will take three days for your periods to return to normal.

Utovlan, a period delay medication, is available from My London Pharmacy. You must first complete a brief online medical form, which will be reviewed by our professionals to guarantee that it is safe for you to use.

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What exactly is Utovlan?
Utovlan is a synthetic (man-made) progestogen hormone that is used to postpone periods. It functions similarly to the natural hormone progesterone in the body.

Other medical issues that can be treated with Utovlan include heavy periods, painful periods, irregular periods, and endometriosis. Depending on the medical condition, the advised dose and duration of treatment would differ in such circumstances.


How does Utovlan function?
The active element in Utovlan is norethisterone (5mg), a synthetic (man-made) progestogen. It functions similarly to the natural female body’s progesterone hormone, which makes the womb thicker in preparation for a fertilised egg to implant.

Following ovulation, progesterone hormone levels rise (when an egg is released from the ovary). This occurs after fertilisation to prepare the womb for an embryo (when the sperm reaches the egg). Progesterone levels fall if fertilisation does not occur. This causes the womb to shed its lining, resulting in a menstrual period.

If you take Utovlan a few days before your next period, it will maintain your progestogen levels high and prevent the shedding of your uterine lining, which causes your period. After you stop taking Utovlan, your period should resume in around 2 to 3 days.
How long does it take Utovlan to work?
To ensure that Utovlan works well, take it about 2 to 3 days before your next period. This would allow it time to enhance progestogen levels in your body and delay your menstruation.
Is Utovlan a birth control pill?
No. Utovlan includes 5mg of the active ingredient norethisterone, a synthetic progestogen, and should only be used for a brief term delay.

It is critical to understand that Utovlan 5mg only delays periods and does not provide contraception. To avoid pregnancy, you should also use other forms of contraception, such as condoms. If you are already on the contraceptive pill, talk to your doctor about how you can use it to postpone your period instead.

Although norethisterone is used as a progestogen-only contraceptive pill under different brand names such as Brevinor or Norimin, the dose is substantially smaller (350 micrograms) and is usually taken daily.
Is Utovlan effective for heavy periods?
Utovlan includes norethisterone, a synthetic (man-made) progestogen that can also be used to treat heavy or painful periods. The average dose is 5mg, however it is administered differently depending on whether it is used to avoid periods or to treat excessive bleeding. If you wish to address heavy periods, speak with your doctor about your options.


Utovlan Administration
Your doctor will tell you how much Utovlan to take and for how long. The normal dose is one 5mg pill taken three times each day.

In order for Utovlan to work well in postponing your period, you should take it at least 2 or 3 days before your next period is due.
Can you take Utovlan if your period has begun?
Utovlan can be prescribed by your doctor to halt heavy or extended periods, but it will take around 2 days to begin working.

If you want to delay your period, the best time to take Utovlan is about 2 or 3 days before your next period is due.
How long can you stay on Utovlan?
Utovlan can be used to temporarily postpone your menstruation for up to one month.

Consult your doctor if you want to postpone your period for an extended period of time. They would advise you on better long-term techniques to postpone your periods.
When should I discontinue Utovlan?
When you no longer want to delay your period, you should stop taking Utovlan. After you stop taking Utovlan, your period should return in 2 to 3 days.

You should also stop taking Utovlan if you experience allergic reactions.
Seek medical attention right once if you have:

Swelling of the cheeks, lips, tongue, hands, or feet an itchy, red, and painful skin rash difficulty breathing a wheezing sensation dizziness or faintness pain in the chest
Utovlan may raise your risk of getting blood clots, which can be fatal.

If you develop any of the following symptoms, stop taking Utovlan and seek immediate medical attention:
difficulty breathing chest pain or discomfort leg pain or swelling (especially the calf area)
heart palpitations (fast heartbeat)
numbness or weakness in any region of your body
excruciating headaches
coughing up blood dizziness or faintness
What happens if you discontinue taking Utovlan?
After you stop taking Utovlan, your period should resume in around 2 to 3 days.
Can I use Utovlan while flying?
Yes. You can travel with Utovlan unless your doctor instructs you not to due to certain risk factors. Utovlan may raise your chance of blood clots, especially if you have additional blood clot risk factors (family history, high blood pressure or heart disease). If you are on medication, you should always consult your doctor before flying.

So, if you’re taking Utovlan and ready to fly, you can lower your risk of getting blood clots by doing the following:

consuming a lot of water
Moving your feet and legs while sitting, taking a walk around the cabin when possible, drinking less alcohol or caffeinated drinks as they can exacerbate dehydration, and wearing compression stockings when travelling


Where can I purchase Utovlan?
Utovlan can be purchased online from UK-registered pharmacies such as My London Pharmacy. You simply need to fill out a brief and simple medical form so that our physicians can ensure it is appropriate for you.
Is Utovlan available over the counter?
No. Utovlan is only available with a doctor’s prescription. Because Utovlan may not be appropriate for everyone owing to specific health risk factors, it is critical that a doctor first determines whether Utovlan is safe for you before prescribing it.
Is Utovlan available on the NHS?
Your local GP may be able to provide Utovlan on the NHS. Before issuing a prescription, you must first schedule a face-to-face visit with your doctor to ensure that Utovlan is appropriate for you. The prescription can then be used to obtain Utovlan from your local pharmacy.


Utovlan Adverse Effects
Utovlan may produce various negative effects, however not everyone will experience them.

Utovlan has the following side effects:

irregular intervals
headaches and itching
uterine bleeding
breast soreness and pain
depression caused by breast discharge
vision issues
vomiting and diarrhoea (being sick)
Jaundice causes yellowing of the white region of your eyes.
clots in the blood
rapid heartbeat
feeling of hair loss weight gain due to bloating
Changes in hunger and sex drive
If you have any of these side effects while taking Utovlan, please notify your doctor. If you suspect you have a blood clot, get medical attention immediately.


Drug Interactions with Utovlan
Utovlan may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with certain medical conditions.

Some medications may also interact poorly with Utovlan, so inform your doctor about all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter treatments.

Inform your doctor if you have any medical issues, such as:

Unknown cause of vaginal haemorrhage
clots in the blood (deep vein thrombosis)
Heart disease or heart attack
hepatic issues, including jaundice during pregnancy
itching (severe itching all over your body)
headaches caused by migraines
Asthma and kidney issues
Tell your doctor if you’ve ever had an adverse reaction to synthetic (man-made) progestogens like norethisterone.

If you are pregnant (or think you might be pregnant) or breastfeeding, see your doctor before using Utovlan.

Because it may have a harmful interaction with Utovlan, you should inform your doctor if you are taking:

drugs used to treat epilepsy
medications used to treat HIV, such as tetracyclines and rifampicin (ritonavir and nelfinavir)
Medication for high blood pressure
cancer-treatment medications
ciclosporin dosage (for suppressing the immune system)
St. John’s wort and other herbal remedies
The patient information sheet that comes with your pharmaceutical box has a complete list of all known Utovlan side effects, drug interactions, and warnings.

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