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Viscotears Eye Drops Information
Viscotears Liquid Gel is a type of artificial tear that is commonly used to treat dry eyes. The active ingredient is carbomer; carbomer eye gels adhere to the surface of the eye more easily than other artificial tear preparations, requiring fewer applications and providing longer-lasting results. When eyes are dry, Viscotears Liquid Gel protects them and prevents them from drying out further.

Dry Eyes
Dry eye syndrome is a tear deficiency (lack of tears) condition that can cause eye discomfort. Certain factors, such as dry air, can aggravate dry eye syndrome (for example, air conditioning, dust, wind, or smoke.) Certain drugs, Sjögren syndrome, allergies, dehydration, and trauma can all cause decreased tear production (for example, radiation, and surgery).

Dry eye symptoms include a grittiness or irritation in the eye, a brief blurring of vision, and watery eyes in both eyes. People with dry eyes don’t usually complain about their eyes being dry. It may be beneficial to eliminate factors that aggravate dry eyes (for example, adverse drug reactions or environmental conditions.)

Practical Advice
compresses à chaud
Humidifier usage
consuming a lot of water
Taking a break from staring at computers (as looking at screens we do not blink as much as we should)
Blinking aids in the production of more tears.
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