Treatment for genital warts that works quickly.

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Warticon comes in the form of both a cream and a liquid. Podophyllotoxin is what makes it work.

It is thought that podophyllotoxin works by stopping the growth of virally infected cells and getting into their tissue.


Warticon cream or solution should be used twice a day (every 12 hours) for 3 days straight, then not at all for 4 days. If necessary, this should be done once a week for up to four 3-day courses. If the warts are still there, you should talk to your doctor or a sexual health clinic about other ways to treat them.


Use soap and water to clean the hurt areas. Use a clean towel to gently dry the area.
Sitting down and placing the mirror as shown in the diagram below may help you see the area to be treated.
Use your fingertip to cover each wart with Warticon Cream. Just enough cream should be used to cover each wart.
Use the cream to rub it on the wart. Make sure the cream doesn’t get on your healthy skin. If this happens, you can get rid of the cream with soap and water.
You should wash your hands well.
Make sure the lid is tightly screwed back on.
What do I do to use Warticon Solution?
Use soap and water to clean the hurt areas. Use a clean towel to gently dry the area.
Every time you use Warticon Solution, you should use a new applicator.
Warticon Solution into the “Loop” end of the applicator. Dip the “Spatula” end of the applicator into the solution if you have a large wart (no bigger than a postage stamp) or a lot of warts in a small area.
Use just enough of the solution to cover a wart, then let it dry. Make sure that the Warticon doesn’t touch any healthy skin. If this happens, you can get rid of the solution with soap and water.
Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated for each wart. Let the Warticon Solution dry on all the skin before letting any other skin touch the area.
After using Warticon Solution, wash your hands very well.
Make sure the lid is tightly screwed back on.
Is there anything else about Warticon cream and solution that I should know?
Don’t get the cream on healthy skin or on wounds that are already open.
Because it might make your partner irritable, don’t have sexual contact without protection right after you put it on.
Warticon cream is white and goes away when you put it on. The Warticon solution is blue and may leave a temporary blue stain after it is used.
The Warticon solution can catch fire. After putting on the medicine, keep your body away from fire or flames.

It might be easier to use cream. Podophyllotoxin 0.15 percent cream was not as good as podophyllotoxin 0.5 percent solution in an active-controlled trial.


Warticon can irritate the area where it is used. This can happen on the second or third day of treatment and gets better when the treatment stops. Most of the time, the reactions aren’t too bad. If the skin reacts badly (like by bleeding, swelling, hurting too much, burning, or itching), the solution should be washed off right away with mild soap and water. You should stop taking the medicine and go to your doctor or a GUM clinic.


No. If you use too much cream or solution or leave it on your skin for too long, it could cause a severe reaction. Too much use can cause severe systemic toxicity, which can affect the digestive system, kidneys, blood, and nervous system.


With Warticon, you shouldn’t use a dressing that seals off the wound.

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