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In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and regular exercise, the weight loss pill Xenical can increase the likelihood of weight loss. It is the branded version of Orlistat, which functions similarly but is less expensive.

  • Oral capsule containing orlistat, taken three times daily.
  • Prevents the digestion of up to one-third of the fat you consume.
  • Should be combined with dietary and lifestyle modifications in order to lose weight.

About Xenical
How to take Xenical most effectively:
Before, during, or up to an hour after each main meal, take 1 capsule with water three times daily (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Xenical is only effective when fat is present in the diet. If you skip a main meal or consume a meal with no fat, you do not need to take Xenical.

What are Xenical’s adverse effects?
Among the possible adverse effects are stomach pain or discomfort and flatulence with an oily discharge. You may experience an urgent need to defecate, and stools may be oily, liquid, or fatty. These side effects are more prevalent when Xenical is taken after a fatty meal.

Does Xenical work?
Xenical should be taken three times per day over a period of 12 weeks, during which you should aim to lose approximately 5 percent of your body weight. However, the rate and quality of its effects are dependent on lifestyle factors.

Although Xenical does help reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs, it is only effective when paired with lifestyle modifications. These include increased physical activity, moderate calorie consumption, a balanced diet, and decreased alcohol consumption. Your personal motivation and commitment to weight loss will also affect your results.

How does Xenical function?
Xenical prevents your body from metabolizing nearly a third of the fat you consume. The undigested fat is not absorbed by the body and is eliminated with feces (faeces).

Who may consume Xenical?
Xenical is appropriate for medically overweight individuals. We can only prescribe it if your body mass index (BMI) is thirty or greater (28 and over if you have any other associated risk factors).

This treatment is not appropriate for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Safety: taking additional medications
As is the case with all medications, Xenical can interact with other drugs and reduce their efficacy. In order to prescribe Xenical safely, it is crucial that you inform us of all prescription, over-the-counter, and recreational drugs you are currently taking.

Essential details about Xenical
Your first Xenical order must be picked up from a My London Pharmacy location so that your height and weight can be measured. This is for safety reasons. For recurring orders, delivery will be an available option.

You should never exceed the recommended dosage of Xenical. Taking more will not speed up the process. Your prescription is for you alone, and you should never share it with anyone else.

Alternate therapies
Alli is a half-strength alternative to Xenical for the treatment of obesity. Alli is available over-the-counter at My London Pharmacy and in-store.

My London Pharmacy also provides a service for Medicated Weight Loss. This service includes ongoing counseling and support in addition to a daily injection of prescribed medication.

There are numerous weight loss treatments on the market, including dietary supplements and surgical procedures. However, a healthy diet and regular exercise are effective methods for weight loss and long-term health improvement.

Read patient information before purchasing here.

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