Period Delay

Use our approved treatments to postpone your period. DIsrfeet form and delivery the following day

Morning After Pill

Have it delivered the same day in London or the next day anywhere in the UK. We have both 3 and 5 day emergency pills available.

Contraceptive Pills

We have over 25 different brands of daily contraceptives, both progesterone only and combination delivered the next day!


Fill out our confidential questionnaire and get your treatment delivered the next day anywhere in the UK.

Period Pain

To control period pain and excessive bleeding, we currently offer a variety of painkillers and mefenameci acid.


We provide sachets for quick treatment, but if you require a stronger antibotic, we can prescribe one for you.

Full STD Check up

We've put together a simple all-in-one package for you using our UKAS approved laboratory as a partner.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Antibiotics can be very effective in treating BV if prescribed after an online consultation with one of our doctors.

Hair Removal

VAnique can help you get rid of unwanted facial hair. MHRA and FDA approved prescription medication

Vitamin Test

A full blood test or a simple at-home vitamin test Vitamin tests are available

Stress Test

Check your stress hormones and continue on your path to a more relaxed daily life.

Fertility Test

With our at-home and discreet tetsing, you can get a free doctor's report.

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