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Our Highly Accredited Network of Laboratories

Our laboratory partners are best in class and carry the highest levels of accreditation including UKAS and ISO accreditation and CQC membership. Above all, We use an automated process, anonymized patient IDs and revolutionary technology to ensure quick analysis of your samples.

About Us:

My London Pharmacy opened in 2020 and applied for GPhC regulatory approval. We have been registered as a pharmacy since February 2022, and our portfolio of local independent pharmacies and clinics is growing.

On our website, we provide affordable online consultation and discreet medication delivery for a variety of treatments such as erectile dysfunction, sexual health infections, daily contraceptives, and minor ailments, with some having same-day delivery in London or 24 hour tracked delivery across the United Kingdom.

Some of our services:

Questions and Answers:

We have walk-in clinics at some of our locations; visit our location page to learn more. To avoid having to wait for a slot, it is always best to book ahead of time. Our walk-in clinics are for our testing services, such as fit to fly tests and std clinics near me. Our private prescribing and medication service is based solely on delivery. If you visit one of our flagship pharmacies for medication services, one of our locations will assist you with a private online vsit and treatment using our same online platform.

We offer a variety of shipping options, including free 24 hour tracked delivery on orders over £25. We also provide a same-day London courier service that is both reasonable and quick for those of you who want immediate treatment, such as a same-day blood test or a same-day fit-to-fly test.
Some of our products can also be shipped internationally; please see our delivery section and terms and conditions for more information on our private delivery services.

We are a registered pharmacy with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). You may find out more about our accreditation here.

Yes, our website has a variety of testing. Some of the tests are At-Home Rapid Tests, meaning you don’t have to send the sample to us to be processed. These tests are carried out at home with detailed instructions on how to interpret the results.
We can provide more comprehensive testing that is performed in a lab. In these situations, we provide a free tracked 24-hour return envelope. We process the sample as soon as it arrives at our laboratory. Some samples, such as our fit to fly PCR or fit to fly rt-PCR tests, are released within a few hours. Other more advanced blood tests can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days.

All of our treatments include a complimentary consultation with GMC-registered doctors and clinicians. We have created a platform at My London pharmacy to ensure a confidential and rapid approach for you to seek treatment rather than waiting in line at a local GP practise.

Yes, all of our STD tests are kept private. For our samples, we use barcodes, and the data is only shared with the laboratory so that it can assess and send you an encrypted message with your results. We do not share your results or data unless you give us permission to send them to your doctors.

We also give you the option of sharing your results with our preferred doctor if you so desire.

Yes, you can book an STD test near you by clicking here and selecting the nearest clinic.
If you are unable to locate a testing clinic near you, we can always send the discreet test to your door using our 24 hour tracked delivery service. Some tests, such as at-home STD tests that are rapid, provide results in as little as 10 minutes. Some other tests must be returned via mail to our accredited laboratories and must be mailed back to us. We always include free prepaid postage and instruction with lab samples, and you can drop them off at any Royal Mail red box for a quick return to our lab.

The results may take 2 to 5 days after you return the sample. This is to ensure that the laboratory processes the samples in accordance with our strict protocols and that our clinician screens your sample and issues you a free prescription if necessary based on the results.

Both services are available to us. Nonetheless, we recommend visiting our clinics for urgent tetsing needs because our turnaround time is half that of postal tests. Some tests, such as the 4 hour PCR test and the 15 Antigen fit to fly test, are only available at our clinics.
Our medication service is only available online in order to ensure a safe and convenient process with our nationwide private prescription and online pharmacy service.

Yes, we’ve partnered with PExpo Diagnostics to provide affordable and quick Antigen Fit to Fly and PCR Fit to Fly tests at our clinics and at home in England, Scotland, the Northern Isles, and Wales. We also ship internationally for our antigen fit to fly testing, allowing you to download the supervised test to wherever you are in the world and get results in as little as 2 hours.

No, we provide both free private prescription refills from your private prescriber as well as the ability to upload your prescription to our hospital.

If you don’t have a proper prescription, we’ll evaluate your treatment needs and provide you a prescription with the treatment. Only our pharmacy is able to dispense our free private prescription with  treatment options.

If you acquire a prescription through our service, you won’t be able to get it filled at another drugstore. This is to ensure that the service is of high quality and timely.

Check out our clinic page to see whether we do. If the distance is too great, pick our free 24-hour tracked delivery to anywhere in the UK. All in a plain package. If you don’t want it delivered to your home, you can have it delivered to a local post office. For further security, the packaging does not include a return address.

No, we are a private online pharmacy and testing facility. We operate on a strictly private and confidential basis.

Our philosophy revolves around providing a simple, quick, and no-wait service to our clients in order to improve the health quality and access of people.

We have competitively priced our service and are expanding our clinics across England, Scotland, and Wales with our delivery service for all of our testing services throughout the United Kingdom.

We offer appointments at all of our clinic locations. To make an appointment, simply choose your preferred clinic from the list , then choose a time and date that works for you. At our clinics, we provide STD test near me, Covid test near me, and fit to fly test near me options.

We have clinics throughout the boroughs of London and the south east of England. If you are not in close proximity to one of our clinics, you can always order an at-home STD test, a covid test, or a blood test through our portal. All of our medications come with a free online consultation and prescriptions. Our clinicians will review your request and send you a private prescription for the treatment you selected online.

PharmaExpo is a holding company. A skilled team of Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, and other health care professionals. We offer a variety of services and operate a number of businesses both online and on UK high streets. My London Pharmacy is a pharmacy branch of our holding company, whereas PExpo Diagnostic is a testing division of our holding company that operates independently but is under the control of PharmaExpo.

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